Our Cast of Characters

Things One and Two:
They are the light of my life. I write about them a lot, and you'll see tons of pictures of them. Aren't they just super dreamy (and way too grown up)?

Cee (Thing One):
Cee is my first born, my first non-fur kid. She is full of all kinds of awesome. She has the greatest sense of humor, and she has something I wish I had: the ability to truly laugh at herself. Her talents as a big sister astound me, she has a huge heart and a gigantic vocabulary. Oh, and she loves sports. She's a natural people pleaser yet she isn't afraid to speak her mind or lead a group. She's 14 going on 30, and I can't wait to see where life's path takes her!

Jay (Thing Two):
Jay is my eleven-year-old-baby. This free spirited kid really doesn't see anything in life as an obstacle. She has the most contagious laugh I have ever heard, and she can dissolve any amount of tension within seconds with it. Even though she'd never admit it publicly, she loves school like crazy. She also loves all living creatures...like every. single. one. of. them. She may or may not chase down every unattended animal she sees. This could be problematic as her speed and agility increase!

In July of 2014, I accidentally went puppy shopping at the local pet adoption agency, PAWS. I also accidentally brought home a puppy. I wasn't sure if the timing was exactly right, but on the flip side, I know that a person could wait their entire life for the timing to be perfect, so I accidentally took the leap. This little lady cracks us up, melts our hearts, and teaches us more life lessons than we could ever possibly teach her. She is a Taurus omnivore who enjoys a nice bowl of kibble with sides of socks and shoes, but you'd probably never guess it from those doe eyes of hers (le sigh...).

Oops, I did it again...in October of 2015, I accidentally went puppy shopping at the same local pet adoption agency where we went for Mae. I also accidentally brought home another a puppy. She is undeniably a lover, and she adores being carried to bed like a baby - when I set her down, she walks immediately into her crate and curls up for bedtime. She is a Scorpio omnivore who enjoys herself a good snuggle with her people as well as any belly rub that comes her way. If I owned a tame kangaroo, I think it would be just like having this sweet girl in our family (minus the punches)!

Hmmmm....not sure what to tell you about myself. I am a huge dork and that probably shows in every single post I write on this blog. I love to write. I love being a mom. I used to teach sixth graders, and I love them, too. I have amazing friends, I used to have chickens and I miss them tons. I am blessed beyond words and there isn't a day that goes by where I'm not reminded of how fortunate I am. I love the path my life has taken, even though I could have never imagined it on my own. Oh - and I like to take pictures.

Browning was quite possibly the coolest dog in the entire world. He was my first fur kid...he was born in late November of 1999, and he had me wrapped around his not-so-little paws by January 6, 2000. If he could have talked, his voice would have sounded just like Morgan Freeman's. He was smart, chill, and always hungry. Always. He was also our built-in security system...he would have laid down in traffic for us. We love him. a lot. And I wrote about him...a lot. RIP, sweet guy. 11/26/2014.

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