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Saturday, January 14, 2017

Nikki is one of those people who you just naturally love. She is warm, kind, genuine, and hilarious - she will give you the biggest hug when you need it and the biggest hug when you didn't even realize that was exactly what you needed. She loves Jesus and Christmas, and her faith is inspirational! We became soccer mom friends, and from the moment I met her, I knew she was simply an incredible person.

Nikki also owns chickens, so I live vicariously through her flock of fowl and round-the-clock-access to freshly laid eggs, and I feel her pain whenever a hen suddenly "disappears" or passes.

On New Years Eve Eve, she shared a true gift with the world. A video rant. It was amazing! I laughed sooo hard that I couldn't entirely catch my breath (#rescueinhaler), tears were streaming down my cheeks, and I was thankful for whoever invented Poise products (which apparently happens when you're in your 40s, have birthed two kids, and have a horrid response to cedar pollen)!

Since then, she has posted two more videos, equally hilarious in my humble opinion! In my mind, I call them Bedtime Stories with Nikki. I sent her a text Thursday telling her how much I needed her to make a YouTube Channel. And then I told her daughter (who is Cee's age) to show her mom how to make a channel.

Low and behold, I woke up this morning to find that she created her YouTube Channel last night!! Crazy Chicken Lady Texas, I am elated, and the world will thank you for these nuggets of love!

Although you can watch them in any order, I would recommend chronological: The Gate, Swimsuits in January, and P.S.A. I seriously can't wait for more!!

Happy weekend, everyone! Much love to all...

Oh, and P.S. - I just made the best BLT ever (I need a manicure).

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