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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

It's smack dab in the middle of testing season, and you should see my office. It. Is. A. Mess. Test books and answer documents have taken over my room. In addition, small group lists, maps, and things to send this way or that add to the loveliness of the clutter. I'm feeling a little brain-fried!

I stress for the kids testing. Some of them get really nervous. I especially connect with the kids taking the Reading test because that's where my heart is. I know they can all do it! Lucky for me, the two people I'm working with for the next eight days are people who I adore!

Which made me think of two articles I've recently read which are so completely relevant to my life right now...maybe they're relevant to you as well? Maybe it's a "middle school mom thing," and maybe it's an "I'm so ready for NOLA with my college ladies..." Either way, enjoy!

(I'm #11!!)


(because, let's be honest...)

If you have kids who are taking standardized tests this week, wish them luck and remind them that however they perform is only a tiny fraction of who they truly are. Remind them not to let the test measure them or influence them negatively...reassure them that "the test" is a snapshot of one little bitty tiny segment of their entire life, and give them lots of hugs! 

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