Being a Mom

Saturday, May 7, 2016

I can't even tell you how much I love being a mom, although I'm sure you have a relatively general idea. My girls are just amazing, and I am so blessed that I was chosen to be their keeper.

Even when things are crazy at work, time and again I find I can center myself by reminding myself of my most important job: helping my daughters navigate their way through life. Nothing beats that.

Not a thing.

My friend Kim shared a great post yesterday that really resonated with me. My path to motherhood is different from most, but similar to some. I invest so much of my time into mothering and parenting because that was a huge deficit for me when I was growing up. I know it probably sounds cocky, harsh, or egotistical, but I figured out how to be a mom by being inspired by moms other than my own. I think I've read this piece at least 4-5 times in the last 24 hours...Mother's Day: When Your Mom Isn't A Mom.

I most definitely wasn't born into a family, so instead I've created a family - it's unique since I'm a single mom, and we are carving our path as we go. When I look back at what we've carved to this point, I am pretty darn proud of it.

Are there bumps along the way? For sure!
Is this path of ours straight and narrow? Nope.
Are there places where we have completely veered off of our path? Yup!
Do I believe our path is the right one for us? Absolutely.

It's our path. It's just as unique as we are.

For the last several days, the girls have been asking me what I want for Mother's Day, and my answer is easy: I want to spend time with them! I think back to Mother's Days when I was their age where my gifts were ridiculed, critiqued, and criticized, and I realize that the most incredible gift of all is the gift of  simple, quality time spent together with the ones you love the most.

I hope you all have a completely fabulous Mother's Day, I hope you know the work you do as a mom is valued, and I hope you get to spend some time with your loved ones. And if that happens to be your mom, I am truly happy for you!

Happy Mother's Day eve, moms!

Paired Passages

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

It's smack dab in the middle of testing season, and you should see my office. It. Is. A. Mess. Test books and answer documents have taken over my room. In addition, small group lists, maps, and things to send this way or that add to the loveliness of the clutter. I'm feeling a little brain-fried!

I stress for the kids testing. Some of them get really nervous. I especially connect with the kids taking the Reading test because that's where my heart is. I know they can all do it! Lucky for me, the two people I'm working with for the next eight days are people who I adore!

Which made me think of two articles I've recently read which are so completely relevant to my life right now...maybe they're relevant to you as well? Maybe it's a "middle school mom thing," and maybe it's an "I'm so ready for NOLA with my college ladies..." Either way, enjoy!

(I'm #11!!)


(because, let's be honest...)

If you have kids who are taking standardized tests this week, wish them luck and remind them that however they perform is only a tiny fraction of who they truly are. Remind them not to let the test measure them or influence them negatively...reassure them that "the test" is a snapshot of one little bitty tiny segment of their entire life, and give them lots of hugs! 

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