Saturday, November 21, 2015

Happy birthday to my sweet Cee!!

We celebrated last night - she wanted to try a Hibachi grill, and that's exactly what we did! Both girls loved it, our chef was exceptionally entertaining, and I caught a piece of shrimp on my first try. :)

This morning, we woke up early to open presents, went to her favorite place for breakfast (Spicy Bite rocks!), picked out paint colors - because all she really wanted for her birthday was a bedroom update, and then we headed back home.

They gathered a few things they needed, and this is the only pic I got of Cee on her actual birthday...one of my favorites!

They headed to Steamboat this afternoon, and I'm already counting down the hours until they're home next weekend!

I'm not even kidding you - this was the scene when they left, and I felt the same way.

This will be my first Thanksgiving without Cee and Jay at home with me, and I am navigating my way through it. I know they are going to make memories that last them a lifetime while they're in Steamboat this week, and I am so excited for everything they are going to experience! And I'm going to miss them terribly.

While I was mentally preparing myself for not seeing them on Thanksgiving, I realized that Thanksgiving is all about family and giving thanks for the things that mean the most to you, and we will celebrate our Thanksgiving together when they are back from their trip. In the meantime, I'm going to keep myself reasonably busy - I have so much I want to accomplish while they're away: 3 books on my iPad just begging to be read. A whole bedroom to redecorate. Holiday crafts to begin. Fall decorations to put away, Christmas decorations to get out (of course I won't decorate a thing until they're home...family tradition). A puppy to train. People to see, places to go. Goals to achieve!

Sometimes I look at both girls, and I just can't believe how incredibly lucky I am to be their mom. They are amazing, thoughtful, appreciative, and kind-hearted. And let's not forget funny - Cee's quick wit combined with Jay's newly-acquired rapping (yes, without a w) skills keep me laughing! I just don't think I could be any more blessed by each of them.

Here's to a great week of projects, sleeping in, watching movies, and catching up on some much needed rest!!

Happy holidays!

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