Girl Time!

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Fabulous Friday night with these lovelies! Celebrated Tabs' 40th - lots of laughs and love!

It's our new thing - last year we celebrated my 39+1, and everyone else will be joining the 39+1 club in the next 10 months.

I'm so proud of us for sticking together for all these years!

2013 Girls Weekend in Houston

2008 in Dallas, sans Carrie...I still have that dress - it might fit my thigh.

2002 in Chicago for Whitney's bachelorette (plus Gonz, plus snowflakes)...I'm pretty sure that's a Motorola Razr in my hand. :)

1999 in Farwell for Jill's wedding...

And it all started in the Fall of 1994...half of our group is in this pic, and we met up with the rest shortly after for one of our very first nights of fun.

My 19 year old self, in 1994, would have never had the foresight to see how strong our friendship would be and how it would provide me with so much strength, love, and support. Their friendship is such a blessing to me! Already looking forward to next time!!

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