Feeling Adult-ish

Thursday, October 22, 2015

I'm 13 days shy of my 39+2 birthday, and I just realized that I've been feeling quite adult-ish in the last 36-48 hours.

It started after school yesterday. Our 7th grade ELA crew returned from day one of two with Gretchen Bernabei, who I simply adore. I had a small favor to ask of that group: Can you pretty please get a selfie with her {begging may have been involved}? I waited and waited for the selfie pic, but I never got it. At the end of the day, this awesome ELA crew came bounding through the doors and showed me a pic...


I was instantly beside myself...their humor. The heart. The #hashtag. My name!!

And then they showed me this one...

I couldn't have been more proud! They are fabulous.

I may or may not have posted these pics on FB, and a friend may or may not have replied that this reminded her of the time I got Kelly Gallagher's autograph for her. There's a 35% chance that I stalked him as best as I could at IRA in San Antonio a few years back...when someone tells you they would eat yellow snow if Gallagher told them to, the least you can do is get them an autograph, right?

On Wednesday, a friend and I looked up Diane Ravitch's speaking schedule and were genuinely disappointed that she isn't going to be in our area for awhile.

Today I had yet another dreamy experience smack dab in the middle of my own personal little slice of heaven, aka Nerd Land.

I was supposed to go to Kansas last summer to attend an update conference. When I realized I couldn't go, I was completely bummed. The good news? My Education Service Center (Region 13) is hosting a satellite conference! It started today and ends tomorrow. And I'm going to get a Micro-Credential!

I spent all of today immersed in hog heaven. I learned from the Director of Professional Development of The University of Kansas - Center for Research on Learning. I fell in love with Jean Schumaker's story of he she was influenced by her parents, education, and circumstances to become one of the founders of the Strategic Instruction Model. I was taking notes because I wanted to remember every single thing she said...and then I stopped because I realized I would never forget what she said...

My "Ah-ha!" on the drive home today was when I realized that I couldn't remember George Clooney's name on Tuesday, but I could remember every context in which I've learned from some of the most amazing educational influencers.

No longer am I hoping to run into famous people in random places, like South Congress or at Kerby Lane or the Four Seasons bar; instead, I'm looking forward to opportunities where I can engage and interact with some of the most impressively intelligent people and bask in their knowledge.

That kinda solidifies my adult-ish status, right? ;)

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