Feeling Adult-ish

Thursday, October 22, 2015

I'm 13 days shy of my 39+2 birthday, and I just realized that I've been feeling quite adult-ish in the last 36-48 hours.

It started after school yesterday. Our 7th grade ELA crew returned from day one of two with Gretchen Bernabei, who I simply adore. I had a small favor to ask of that group: Can you pretty please get a selfie with her {begging may have been involved}? I waited and waited for the selfie pic, but I never got it. At the end of the day, this awesome ELA crew came bounding through the doors and showed me a pic...


I was instantly beside myself...their humor. The heart. The #hashtag. My name!!

And then they showed me this one...

I couldn't have been more proud! They are fabulous.

I may or may not have posted these pics on FB, and a friend may or may not have replied that this reminded her of the time I got Kelly Gallagher's autograph for her. There's a 35% chance that I stalked him as best as I could at IRA in San Antonio a few years back...when someone tells you they would eat yellow snow if Gallagher told them to, the least you can do is get them an autograph, right?

On Wednesday, a friend and I looked up Diane Ravitch's speaking schedule and were genuinely disappointed that she isn't going to be in our area for awhile.

Today I had yet another dreamy experience smack dab in the middle of my own personal little slice of heaven, aka Nerd Land.

I was supposed to go to Kansas last summer to attend an update conference. When I realized I couldn't go, I was completely bummed. The good news? My Education Service Center (Region 13) is hosting a satellite conference! It started today and ends tomorrow. And I'm going to get a Micro-Credential!

I spent all of today immersed in hog heaven. I learned from the Director of Professional Development of The University of Kansas - Center for Research on Learning. I fell in love with Jean Schumaker's story of he she was influenced by her parents, education, and circumstances to become one of the founders of the Strategic Instruction Model. I was taking notes because I wanted to remember every single thing she said...and then I stopped because I realized I would never forget what she said...

My "Ah-ha!" on the drive home today was when I realized that I couldn't remember George Clooney's name on Tuesday, but I could remember every context in which I've learned from some of the most amazing educational influencers.

No longer am I hoping to run into famous people in random places, like South Congress or at Kerby Lane or the Four Seasons bar; instead, I'm looking forward to opportunities where I can engage and interact with some of the most impressively intelligent people and bask in their knowledge.

That kinda solidifies my adult-ish status, right? ;)

Girl Time!

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Fabulous Friday night with these lovelies! Celebrated Tabs' 40th - lots of laughs and love!

It's our new thing - last year we celebrated my 39+1, and everyone else will be joining the 39+1 club in the next 10 months.

I'm so proud of us for sticking together for all these years!

2013 Girls Weekend in Houston

2008 in Dallas, sans Carrie...I still have that dress - it might fit my thigh.

2002 in Chicago for Whitney's bachelorette (plus Gonz, plus snowflakes)...I'm pretty sure that's a Motorola Razr in my hand. :)

1999 in Farwell for Jill's wedding...

And it all started in the Fall of 1994...half of our group is in this pic, and we met up with the rest shortly after for one of our very first nights of fun.

My 19 year old self, in 1994, would have never had the foresight to see how strong our friendship would be and how it would provide me with so much strength, love, and support. Their friendship is such a blessing to me! Already looking forward to next time!!

What a Week!

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Last week 1; me 0.

Tough loss, rough week.

I don't even want to go into details, but last week was a beat-down from start to finish. This is actually a pretty easy fix for me...I need to readjust my mindset.

Dear Last Week,
I'm so over you. 
Let's try this whole thing  
again next week, shall we? 
Love, Me

And also, I need flowers. I love flowers. Actually, I love turning stems of flowers into arrangements, which is not always the most affordable way to combat stress. But it totally works for me, and now I have the weekend to embrace the spirit of fall!

The scarecrow on the left has always been my favorite: a little bit Travolta, a little bit Bee Gees.

Next on my list for today is shopping for more fall foliage. More pics to follow, and this is my mantra for the weekend...and probably next week, too!

{But my cute new flipflops go with quite literally everything!!}

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