251/365: First Visible Customer

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

I was scared to get up for this picture, so you're just going to have to trust me. The prettiest cardinal visited our new bird feeder this evening.

Also we are trying super hard to grow grass so the focal point of our backyard looks "real" instead of "like dirt." Thus the yellow hole poker thing and the exceptionally dark soil. This is Cee's passion project right now, and she's doing an amazing job of tending to her crop.

What I really want you to notice, though, is the yellow bird feeder. This was Jay's purchase because she loves nature, outdoors, and {seriously} every living creature.

They're with their dad tonight, so I had to snap a picture of this guy - our first guest.

It's starting to cool down from the nasty summer heat, and this evening was filled with a very gentle breeze - just enough to keep the cardinal spinning in lazy, slow circles as he nibbled on his kibble.

He stayed for such a long time, and I wondered if this was an experiential moment for him. Like having a nice dinner at the Tower of the Americas or taking in the scenery and fine cuisine at SkyCity in Seattle.

And then I realized I was definitely over-analyzing a lovely moment instead of just enjoying it at face value.

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