Friday, September 4, 2015

Once again, I've botched this thing a little bit.

Fortunately, catching up is going to be extremely easy.

We were in desperate need of a three day weekend because my girls are worn out and at each others' throats - 94.2% of this is due to sheer exhaustion.

So here goes my catching up post! Ready?

{hint: Cee=Pink, Jay=Turquoise;
rudeness leads to phones taken away}



Tuesday Morning:

Wednesday (legitimate fail - they were with their dad and I didn't snap a single picture):



And at one point this week, I completely forgot where I put one of their phones.

Not. My. Best.

And now I'm questioning myself. Why do I hide their phones when I take them away? I do not have an answer for this. It seems like I'm creating extra work for myself. They've never taken their phone from its time-out location.

Maybe I should just go with a Phone Jail.

Yes. Yes, I should.

The end.

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