Saturday, August 29, 2015

Soccer day.

Lots and lots of soccer today.

Like got to the fields at 11 am and left the fields around 6:30 pm.

What a long day, and totally worth it!

All smiles after a first-game victory. I should also mention we won in a shootout and I am NOT a fan of the shootout scenario!

Jay was less enthusiastic during game 2.

Cee and one of her faves with some great on-field communication...

Working the ball during game 3...

Winning game 3 meant playing in the Championship Round...again, some of us were happier than others about this.

Game 4 was hard fought, and...

We won!!! So proud of these kiddos!

(Not only did we win the tournament, we were the only team with females players! This made me super double proud of their hard work!)

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