Monday, August 17, 2015

What a fast and furious day.

As I hoped, it was honestly fabulous having all of our teachers, old and new, under one roof setting the stage for the upcoming school year.

We have an incredible group of returning teachers and I can't brag enough on our new teachers.

I started working at 7:15 today, left school at 4 to pick up the girls, kicked my feet up for 10 minutes while they got ready for soccer practice, and by 5:30 we were plopped at the fields until 8:30. That's a little bit of a long day for me, but there was nothing I did today that I don't truly love doing.

The only picture I got today was slightly monumental because I finally figured out how to take a pano shot. Yay Me!

I'll be getting extremely used to this view this year with both girls playing Fusion Select. 

It's weird because last year I thought I couldn't possibly add anything else to my parenting or school life, and this year, I'm welcoming all the new additions.

Tomorrow is another early start - my ridiculously talented 8th Grade Leaders will welcome our newest 6th graders to Wallace. 

Cee will get her new schedule for 7th grade (7th grade!?!? Yes, really.), and I'm hoping to find out who Jay's teachers will be.

Lots of fun this week, and we're only 1 day in!! 

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