Sunday, August 16, 2015

We stayed in our PJs today.

All. Day. Long.

It was a thing of metaphorical beauty.

We caught up on everything we did for the past week.

We chatted.

We watched movies.

We nibbled on popcorn.

We ate fruit and dipped it in caramel.

We laughed, we danced.

Some of us might have tinkled (due to said laughing and dancing).

The only picture I have from today is the yummy pasta Cee made for us.

And may I say, it was delicious!

This is the best comfort food we know. Bow tie (or penne or fettuccini or whatever makes your skirt fly up), cooked til al dente.

From there, it's "decorate your own pasta." Butter? Sure. Land O'Lakes Olive Oil and Sea Salt? Why not. Olive Oil? My fave. Freshly grated parm is a given, and you can season it however you please (Salt & Pepper; Red Pepper Flakes; Tony Chachere's...you get the idea!). It's funny because this has been one of our lazy night go-tos for as long as I can remember, and earlier this year, my friend's daughter Blake asked me if I'd ever had her "Mimi's Special Pasta."

Then she described it to me, and we had a good chuckle...exactly the same!

I do have to tell you my own personal favorite way to eat this yummy meal: bacon bits (cooked in your own skillet with your own bacon - none of that prepackaged stuff), sweet onion sauteed in that delicious bacon grease, followed by fresh from the cob sweet corn sauteed in the greatness, rounded off with mushrooms (your choice) to soak up every last bit of flavor, sprinkled with salt, pepper, and parm; and then tossed together. When I'm feeling fancy, I'll drizzle it lightly with truffle oil.

This explains my current body shape perfectly...

Sweet Baby Jesus.

Tomorrow I start back to school, and I am truly excited to have everyone together...I think we have a great year ahead of us!!

2015-16: Let's do this!!!!

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