Saturday, August 8, 2015

I can't say it enough - I love watching these kids play!

Today we had two boys guest playing with us and our last-summer-game-of-the-season victory was a sweet one.

As their coach said at the beginning of the season, "If the girls don't see the ball skills out here, they'll never know that's something they should try."

The crazy La Nina (El Nino?) rains literally cut our season in half, but I am ridiculously proud of the progress our team has made since May!

And of course I am super proud of this "one"...

(never give up, but also help the kid up once the whistle blows...)

I used to shy away from the term "soccer mom," but now I happily own it. Jay's season starts in a couple of weeks, Cee has a tournament next weekend, and I have nothing more to say than this...

I am so lucky & blessed to be their mom!

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