Tuesday, August 4, 2015

I am The. Luckiest. Mom.

I asked the girls to do a handful of chores today, and I came home to this little slice of heaven!

Top left - because they know fall and winter are my faves, and who doesn't love a roaring fire?!?
Top right - this area was previously piled full of clean laundry that just needed some folding love.
Bottom left - when I left, this part of our living room looked like a pom-pom glitter fairy projectile-vomited over every single surface possible. When I came home it looked like this, and I nearly cried tears of joy.
Bottom right - even Mae's crate (yes, it's purple) was straightened and her toys were categorically organized.

Seriously - could I be any luckier?

I think not.

Love those girls - I'm blessed.

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