Friday, July 31, 2015

Lots of good snuggle time with Mae today. I think she missed me.

Watching Dr. Phil and some really mean girls while getting a ridiculous amount of tummy rubbing...

Dr. Phil > Jeopardy (!) in the mind of Mae...

The news just isn't her thing. She would like it to be renamed "The Really Scary News."

To be perfectly honest with you, I think it's really hard for her to go to camp because of her time "on the streets." Jay imagines her as the weird dog at "camp" who runs around chasing bugs, killing them, and rolling in their dead scent while all the other dogs sniff each other's privates.

As for me, I think she really misses her people, probably doesn't sleep much (despite the bug chasing-eating-rolling), and is just super happy to be back home with us after a few days of camp.

Just love her little pumpkin heart to pieces!

#pray4luke update:
He is starting to take breaths on his own, had his MRI today with results that weren't quite where one would hope, had neurosurgery tonight to repair skull fractures, and his brain swelling is cooperating accordingly. Hopefully tomorrow's neuro testing will bring some positive news with it!

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