Monday, July 20, 2015

Strange things happen when the girls really clean their rooms. Like light saber wars, and this.

Pic on the left: a previous favorite stuffed animal. Clearly a turtle. Nicknamed turt-y years ago, but let's be honest. Although that second t should make the /t/ sound, we all get busy and bogged down by the burden of life and lazily pronounce it with a /d/. So that was lots of fun on "bring your favorite stuffed animal to school" day in Kinder and 1st!

Pic on the right:
Me: Haha - where'd you get that?
Jay: I found it in the way back of Cee's closet. No telling where it came from.
Me: And I see you've confidently inserted it into your nose...
Jay: Yup!

I have to admit - I am ready for the new school year, although there is still lots to be done between now and August 10. I have lots of new instructional ideas and lots of new decorating ideas!! Here's one little piece of it - Quote Wall!

Eeeeks!! :)

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