Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Have you noticed the recent (and fabulous) trend on your Facebook or Instagram feed - pictures of perfectly pedicured toes against a background of a pool or beach? It's really a thing of beauty...there is nothing better than freshly pedicured toes, and the beach is my 2nd place happy place (1st place goes to home...ahem...introvert).

The bottom right picture isn't beachy, but it is the feet of a college friend of mine, and those are signed Louboutins (self-described as "this-ain't-my-first-rodeo, drink-you-under-the-table, tear-up-the-dance-floor shoes," which is infinitely more creative than anything I could come up with for my shoe "collection..." which are easily categorized into "the black ones" and "the brown ones" and "the ones I wear when I pretend to work out.").

Anyways...I thought I'd share my fancy pedi/lovely shoes equivalent with you...this was me this morning. Jealous? Also, as a random act of kindness, I tried to mostly blur my feet to spare you from their audacity (you're welcome)!

Four steroid shots later, I was done. And my heels were so happy! Before I left, the Dr. told me, "Your heels are going to feel warm, tingy, and squishy for the next 4-6 hours. After that wears off, you're probably going to hurt for a day and a half or so."

I consider my pain tolerance to be not-very-good. The shots actually didn't hurt.

But now that I'm out of that adorable 4-6 hour time period, OUCH!!!

{Brace yourselves - this one isn't blurry...}

In case you're wondering, I have Frozen band aids helping me out. Two are Elsa, one is Olaf. One of them says something really sweet, but I can't see it from here because I am officially old as of right this very second. Ice, lots of Ibuprofin, and some serious stretching will, supposedly, make the pain subside between tomorrow and Saturday, and after that the steroids should really kick in. I hope this doesn't mean my feet will be bigger, because they're already frequently mistaken for skis.

Mae, the patron saint of the not-feeling-so-wells, has apparently extended her protector-ship to me, and I am very thankful for my little guardian/four-legged caretaker.

I'm secretly holding out for frostbite in exchange for the pain because I hear frostbite makes you go numb. I don't need to know any other of the side effects. Just numb. That sounds heavenly right now!

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