193/365 - Cleaning Day!

Sunday, July 12, 2015

The girls headed to Concan today, and I'm taking this as an opportunity to clean my house from top to bottom. And is there any better way to use my essential oils?

My house smells so good right now - clean, pure, non-chemicalish. Probably my most favorite thing about cleaning with my oils is that I know I'm steering clear of any harmful chemicals (as in we aren't ingesting anything but safe, pure things).

For almost everything in my house, I use this combo:

One part water to .5 parts vodka (Tito's because it's delicious and what I usually have on hand, although probably a cheaper vodka would make better sense in this scenario) and .5 parts hydrogen peroxide. Then I add in 10 drops of Lemon essential oil, 10 drops of citrus fresh, and 10 drops of purification. I mix this in a 20 oz spray bottle: spray, set, wipe clean.

In the smaller blue 4 oz bottle, I use water mixed with Thieves Household Cleaner at a ratio of 1 part Thieves to 15 parts water. I spray this on the tougher spots, let it set for 5 minutes to work its magic, and voila!

 For anything that requires a little grit, I spray it down with the 20 oz bottle of magic and sprinkle a little Borax on top. After 5 minutes, I scrub the dirt away! I typically use this for sinks, tubs, and toilets. Did I mention how good it smells!?!?

About a month ago, I shared with you how to use oils as a bug repellent. With yesterday's soccer game, I thought it would be kind of weird to take a bowl of grape seed oil enhanced with Young Living Essential Oils out to the field, so I found a recipe for something a little more communal.

Now before you judge me on the Tito's, let me explain. Into that tiny blue 4 oz bottle I filled it half the way full of witch hazel. I only added 5 mLs of Tito's because it is a preservative (Who knew?!?! This makes me feel so much better about drinking it - I'm preserving myself!). To that, I added 5 drops each of Peppermint, Lavender, Lemon, and Purification. The final addition was a dash of grape seed oil to moisturize. I didn't fill it all the way full because I wanted to have room to shake it up each time before spraying.

I sprayed it on Cee, Jay, my friend Nikki, and myself at the soccer fields. I totally forgot to ask Nikki how it worked, but she loved the smell. As for the girls and me, we were bug-bite-free the whole time there.

I really do love my essential oils. In case you're wondering what the white oval-ish thing in the background is, it's a diffuser. This takes oils to a whole new level. At night, I diffuse Cedarwood to help the girls and me relax before bed. If we're really wired, I'll add a couple of drops of Peace & Calming. I also like to diffuse Purification and Lemon as a pick-me-up, and when the girls are at each other's throats (which happens a LOT more than I'd like), I diffuse Joy and Family.

Okay - that's enough oily talk for now.

Seriously - if you want more information on Young Living Essential Oils, let me know! I'm only two months in to my oil journey, and I would be happy to share with you how they are helping our family!

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