Saturday, July 11, 2015

Today started with a bright-and-early soccer game. Cee's team is in a summer league at a field that is just a little different than what we're used to. You can watch your kid play soccer, shop at a flea market, buy a snow cone, get your hair done, and even buy some fresh chicharonnes while you're there. It honestly is an excellent cultural experience, and the level of competition is something that's hard to find.

Ideally we would have had a game every Saturday of the summer, but because of the crazy rain and a couple of other things, today was only our second game of the summer. Both games were against teams of all boys, and I think that is so good for our girls. Tough competition ups their level of play and it exposes them to ball handling skills that we don't normally see in our age bracket.

Also, I like to think that the boys, at first glimpse, are less than impressed with a team of all girls, most of whom are wearing either pink cleats, giant bows, or flowered headbands and smile a lot during their warm up. I secretly like the looks on the boys' faces when they realize after the first whistle that they're going to have to play hard.

Their coach, who is amazing and so dedicated to their skill level, bought them jerseys that look just like the USA Women's National Team. They were so excited to play in them today. It makes me proud to think of how far they've come in the last 1.5 years having him as their trainer and coach. Lucky, lucky ladies!!

After soccer, we had a baby shower to attend. We are so excited to meet this little bundle - the parents are parents of a girl on our soccer team, and they are truly two of the most wonderful people around. Their little guy is already so blessed!

Hurry up, little Landry.

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