Friday, July 10, 2015

The girls got home from the beach yesterday - I was so happy to have them home for a night! We had all day today together, and I told them the sky was the limit on what we could do before they left at 6. While my current addiction is Tina-Fey-based, theirs is Castle.

They. Love. Castle.

So do I - it works out well for us.

All they wanted to do was catch up on the the missed episodes (we have it set to record any and all episodes on the DVR). So that's exactly what we did.

Oh, and Jay took a few selfies.

Sweet girl. She knows to delete them, but I think she doesn't know that I know how to find them in the "Recently Deleted" album. Love her to pieces, and in some of these, she looks so much like Cee to me!!

The other thing they wanted to do was "Spa Day for Mae" because they seriously love her so much. Sometimes they FaceTime me before bedtime to tell Mae and me goodnight, although I think it's mostly for Mae. ♥ 

So this is the royal post-spa treatment they provided to her.

And just in case you're curious, Mae is a 110% participant in pretty much anything they decide to do to her.

Ahhh, summer...

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