Monday, June 29, 2015

This week we are kicking it old school.

Okay, 60's Old School, but still...

We made our maiden voyage to the LBJ Presidential Library today. LOVED IT!!

I'm a JFK junkie and LBJ falls right in line with my obsession. So do The Beatles! Drum lesson from Ringo? Sure, why not.

What a fun experience! We shall continue our love affair with presidents and history and all things nerdy discovery later this week, and:

I. Can't. Wait!!!

If today is any indication of their potential to nerd out with me this week, then I am definitely starting my savings account for our trip to France so we can engulf ourselves in an equally nerdy amount of 19th century Francophilian bliss in a few years!!

{Squeal-Snort of Happiness!}

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