Saturday, June 20, 2015

So that "reunited" thing from yesterday - I guess that was primarily just me feeling exceedingly happy to have both of my girls back home with me.

They have been substantially less happy than me about this reunion to our version of normal, meaning they enjoyed their time alone a lot more than I anticipated. My expectations are sometimes way too Polyanna for reality.

Fortunately, they are finally starting to reconnect instead of trying to mortally injure each other rebel.

They decided they wanted to paint canvases for their dad for Father's Day, so I decided I would paint along with them, although not for a gift for anyone.

Here's what I have created so far - this is only phase 1. Tomorrow while they are celebrating with their dad, I hope to put phase 2 into action (like smoothing out the jagged edges...and probably she should have the right to a nose, definitely a chin, and if she's lucky, she'll get an ear or two). We'll see - I'm so worried I'm going to mess up now!

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