157/365 - Fear of the B Word

Saturday, June 6, 2015

The start of each summer strikes an unexplainable fear in me: fear of the B word...Bored!!

Our morning started with a neighborhood garage sale which led to a discussion of what to do with our front room which led to an all-out excavation of said front room.

Their carefully guarded decision? Move it all out and make a plan.

Guess this will keep them busy (and away from the B word) for awhile!

In case you were wondering, I'm not at all concerned that four and a half (alright, five) years of my Bachelor's work is somewhere in this muddled mess, and I'm also not a bit concerned that nearly two years of Masters' work is in there.

No biggie.

Not worried at all.

Not a bit.

Not a single, solitary bit...

{deeeep breaths...deeeep breaths...}

No control issues here.

None at all...


{deeeep breaths...deeeep breaths...}

Quote of the Day:

"Wait, Cee. Practice your lines while I make mom a trashy party bun in the back..." 

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