Thursday, June 4, 2015

Today was a very black and white day for me.

You're a chihuahua or you're not (hint: you're not).

You're an Italian Greyhound or you're not (hint: you are - congratulations!).

You're coming back to the W next year or you're not (and trust me, I'm sad if you're not).

You're bringing the same Fu goodness to the 'burbs or you're not.

You stayed up too late or you didn't.

You're staying on the team or you're not.

You're going to mess with your little sister or you're not.

You're going to pay for that decision later or you're not (hint: you did, and I warned you against this...).
Lots of tears today - I think I've partially dehydrated myself. I am genuinely so excited for everyone who is off to seek new beginnings! I am beyond thankful for the lessons I've learned, for the friendships made, for the willingness to discuss the mistakes I've made along the way; and, I am proud of people for spreading their wings: some to new campuses, some to new districts, some to retirement. No matter how you look at it, people are taking their next gigantic steps in life - what a wonderful thing to celebrate!

I've said it nearly a million times - working where I work is a blessing. It's a family. You really can't understand it until you're a part of it. It's a thing of greatness. I'm looking forward to following people's new paths they're carving for themselves, and I'm looking forward to the challenges ahead of me.

But mostly right now, I'm looking forward to somewhere between nine and eleven continuous hours of sleep now that nothing is pending or needs attention or must be created. Translation: my mind will be at ease tonight, and I just might snore!!!

Summer, let's do this!!

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