Sunday, May 31, 2015

This sweet little combo was our savior last night!

3 drops of each mixed into a quarter-sized quick-pour of grape seed oil, rubbed onto our backs, shoulders, and legs...almost instant relief!

We went back to Wimberley for a bit today - it's amazing how much work was done yesterday! Today we got to go down closer to the river since the road had been reopened. I think this picture might help with better perspective - the windows you see in the house at the top of the picture...the water filled the house about half way up those windows.

From where the girls and I are standing for this picture, the water level was about 10 feet below us (the girls are facing the river in this picture).

Just crazy.

During the last two days, there were some things that just resonated with me more than others. Retirement plaques that just needed to be rinsed and cleaned - that hit me. Seeing the mattresses stacked on top of one another, up and down the street, gave me chills. Because I'm sentimental to my core, I think saving pictures from photo albums was really the most humbling for me. The girls (and their little friend Evie) worked tediously to take pictures out of several drenched albums. They laid them out on racks to dry. Once they were dry, they were put into a storage container and some will be sent off for restoration.

We were only able to stay for a couple of hours today, but by the end of the day, all of the things from their home were packed and ready to spend some quality time in storage.

I am so grateful for this experience - it really was incredible. The owner and I were talking - she has done so much mission work and she loves the feeling she gets from helping others. She said this was her turn to return that feeling to others - her time to be helped, her time to say thank you and make sandwiches for people, her time to embrace the feeling of appreciation that she has given to so many people in the past. What an amazing lady!

I hope everyone is able to rebuild. I hope everyone is able to decided if they want to stay or sell and move. I hope that it won't be much longer until all the families who are missing people are able to find peace and comfort.

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