150/365 - Wimberley

Saturday, May 30, 2015

We drove to Wimberley today to help with the clean up. To say we were unprepared for what we saw is an understatement. I'm so proud of the girls for jumping in ready and willing to help.

I was amazed by all of the volunteers who were there - I would guess there were 20-30 people at the house where we were besides us. The community is just amazing - people would stop by to drop off food and supplies - sandwiches, chips, fruit, tacos, cases of water, gloves, masks...

Everything from within the house had to be rinsed with water, wiped down, and then dunked in bleach. Some of the reclaimed wood was salvageable. If you look at the house in the background, you can see them starting to rip out all of the sheet rock and flooring. The house in the background was a couple of days behind the house we worked on - they had to wait to hear from their insurance adjuster to give them the go-ahead to start working on clearing out the house.

I took this picture about 15 feet down a hill from the house - it was probably another 20 feet to the bank. Last Saturday, the water filled about five feet of the main floor of the house. Across the bank, we could see just as many people working on a couple more houses that had been damaged.

A handful of very brave people went into the basement and scooped out buckets full of a sludge/sewer mix. After they did that, they started handing out recovered items through the basement windows. The girls' instincts kicked in when bottles of wine surfaced. :)

They worked SO hard, and they both begged to go back tomorrow to keep helping. I'm right there with them - the more hands, the better. Even in the midst of the destruction, the owner of the home smiled, joked, thanked everyone a million times, and kept us smiling...it was especially cool when she found her very first Christmas tree topper and the grill of an old Ford truck that she'd recently ordered - her enthusiasm about these small victories kept us all going. There's something about seeing so many people come together for a common cause that just gets me. Every. Single. Time.

And tonight, we shall sleep liked babies!

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