Thursday, May 28, 2015

I was having lunch with co-workers today in between the morning and afternoon sessions of a fabulous team meeting. When we arrived at our restaurant of choice, we realized it was already pretty crowded with men wearing white t-shirts that said, "TX-TF2 - US&R."

We later found out that this group of men numbering more than 50 had just arrived from Dallas. They were having lunch, and then they were heading to Wimberley to help with the flood clean up and rescue. I noticed they had a couple of dogs with them, and I realized what their bigger purpose was. 

Texas Task Force 2 - Urban Search and RescueI don't consider myself a particularly emotional person, but when it comes to tragedy and catastrophe, I'm not nearly as strong as I imagine myself. Reading about the work these men do got me a little bit weepy.

Pretty cool to see our whole state pulling together to help each other in a time of need. I'm so grateful for all the kind souls who have sacrificed their time with family to serve others in a time of need. 

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