Sunday, May 24, 2015

What a difference a day makes. Last night, most of Central Texas was completely pummeled with rain and record-breaking flooding. This is not my picture, but this pretty well sums up the tip of the iceberg of the damage received last night.

Less than 5 miles from where I went for Drake yesterday saw surges of over 20 feet of water. The interstate was partially underwater. People lost homes. People are missing family members.

I feel so fortunate that my little town was relatively unharmed by the damage. 10 miles west (Driftwood) was hit hard; 14 miles south (Kyle) was hit hard. 25 miles southwest-ish (Wimberley), where the girls went to summer camp, caught the brunt of the flooding.

Sometimes during a Mother Nature Mess like this, humor helps...

I'm gonna leave it to the Bloggess for today...

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