Tuesday, May 12, 2015




We are officially 3 testers and 2 days away from being completely done with STAAR testing for the year. Let me say, I am no more, but more accurately less, in love with Pearson than I was on April 21st.

Today was crazy.

Today was madness.

And then I got home and I found a box of oils on my porch!!

Let's just say that this combo would have been great today, and I feel fairly confident that this little combo will serve me well for the rest of the school year.

Right after I took this pic, I rubbed a couple of drops of Stress Away on my wrists and temples, and I diffused 3 drops of Joy for about 15 minutes. Within five minutes, I felt the stress of today rolling away. Yessssss!

And now I can enjoy my evening. :)

Need more oil info? Just let me know!

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