121/365 - Happy Friday and Happy Birthday!

Friday, May 1, 2015

What a day...what a week!!

Whoever said a relaxing dinner on a patio on a perfectly wonderful night wasn't worth anything was out of their mind.

Exactly what we needed tonight!

So, I mentioned the essential oils a few posts back. Thing One was feeling tired and Thing Two was feeling grumpy. I rubbed some oil blends on them - Gathering for Thing One and Citrus Fresh for Thing Two...instant mood lifters for both!

Also, I ordered this adorable oil bag from Red Fox Lane this week, and I can't get over the cuteness and functionality of this bag! In a few more minutes, I'll rub some Peace & Calming on the girls' feet and tuck them in to bed where they'll sleep soundly. Our essential oils have changed us for the better!

Want more info? Let me know!

Last, but certainly not least, we had a birthday celebration after dinner tonight!! Guess who turned two...

What a fabulous Friday - we are truly blessed.

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