Friday, April 24, 2015

STAAR Testing? Done!!

For now, at least. 

Today we tied up all the loose ends of the last 9 days...we bubbled it, we boxed it, we blessed it, and then it was all returned to its place of origin. 


I never knew how exhausting the process was, and it hit me at about 1:37 pm today. 

Fortunately, I had 3 humans and one non-human to keep me company today. 

How cute is this little guy!?!?

Chance hung out in my room most of the day today. Only 6 weeks old, it seems that as the runt he has been getting picked on a bit and he needs some extra TLC. Lucky me! He ate, took a bottle of water...

...and then settled right in for a nap. 

Until today, I was pretty sure that Shih-Tzus were the inspiration for Ewoks. Today, I'm wondering if a Yorkie might have been the first Ewok prototype. 

Inspired by his schedule, I plan to follow suit...I'm going to eat, have a bottle (not water), and settle in for a nap of my own (which, according to my predictions, should last for the next 12 hours)!

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