Monday, April 13, 2015

Today's photo creds go to the girls.

Jay took (and edited) this one while we were waiting for Cee's soccer practice to end.



Love her perspective and innovative approach.

And Cee snapped this one on the way home...

Again, perspective and innovation: admired.

Also on the way home, we talked politics - just a smidge. We talked politics and education on the way to school this morning, and (as a side-note) I promised myself before I was a parent that I would never push my views on my kids; instead, I would introduce both sides to them and let them make up their minds. I had the same thing in mind for religion, and...there is definitely a special place for wishful thinking to reside. :)

By the time we hit the first school zone this morning, I could feel my face getting red and my blood pressure reminding me to simmer. Both girls had good questions, and we really had a good discussion.

On the way home from soccer this evening, I realized I forgot to tell them about Hillary in the midst of my Pearson diatribe! So I told them.

One of them: Wait. I thought she was dead.

The other of them: Yeah, I did, too.

Me: What?!?!? No!!! She's Chelsea's mom and Bill's wife!

One of them: I thought she invented the railroad.

The other of them: Yeah - the underground railroad.

Me: {moment of silence to collect myself}

Me: {another moment of silence to collect myself because...}

Me: Ummmm, that was Harriet Tubman. 

One of them: Oh.

The other one of them: So who are you talking about? 



Time for me to lose the whole politically correct facade and hop on my mama soap box. 

Can't wait...

P.S. - tomorrow I'll tell you my good news!

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