Catching Up: Days 53-59 (of 365)

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Wow - It's already March! And I'm already falling behind on my #365ToLife project. Let me preface this with a disclaimer:

On Tuesday, I went to bed at 7 pm and woke up at 7 am. On Thursday, I fell asleep with Jay at 8 pm (and woke back up to help Cee with homework), and on Friday, I was in bed by 8. Saturday involved many naps and another early bed time. Today I went to the doctor and got some stellar antibiotics - apparently being "off" of Diet Cokes for 2 months is teaching me to really listen to my body (although, apparently, I'm a slow learner). I'm looking forward to feeling much better within the next few days thanks to the magic of modern medicine!

Decisions, decisions - shall I post my pictures backward (53) to forward (59) or otherwise? Hmmm...

Let's start with yesterday. Mae and I had a penance day of paying for my procrastination. I was assigned a giant book of articles to read last June, and my work with the articles was due last weekend. It took longer than it should have with all the naps and such, but Mae was good company for me. Really, this entire weekend was cold and dreary, and she was the best snuggle buddy in the world.

On Friday, I woke up next to this little dumpling. I let her sleep with me because she stayed up really late working so hard on her National Junior Honor Society application. Yes, we waited until the last minute. And yes, there were moments when I wanted to pull my hair out. A few tears were shed, but in the end, she worked her hardest to get it done and to compile it into a lovely presentation. She amazes me. Every. Single. Day.

For Thursday, Cee gets full validation for keeping #365 alive and well. Thank you, Cee!

Wednesday was a long - and worth it - day. I got to meet some of our newest students - 5th graders who'll be coming to our school next year. This is me with our adorable and fabulous Theater Arts teacher - can you tell which one of us is expecting (hint: it's not me)? She's the cutest little mamma-to-be, and I can't wait for the arrival of theater baby!

On Tuesday, Mae was literally in my bubble. Bubbles are important for my sanity and personal space. This was her just after being rejected for the 5th (of 18) times {bless her heart}...

Monday was a fast and furious day at work, and once again, I have to give photo cred elsewhere - thanks, Gomi, for being my saving grace. :) My most favorite part of my job is visiting classrooms and observing learning. I didn't get to do much of that for two consecutive weeks, but Monday was my catch up day - and my happy day because of it! Have I ever mentioned how hard teachers work?

Sunday - the Oscars! The dress scandals!! Bradley Cooper...nothing beats a glamorous night in Hollywood from the comfort of home. Okay, fine. It was a rough night. The girls were worn smooth out, everybody was a little bit edgy, we didn't watch until the end (at best, we caught the first hour), and this was honestly the very best I could do. Sorry.

And now we're all caught up, and hopefully I won't let this much time slide between posts again!! Thanks for reading and thanks for not giving up on me...

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