Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Mae flies for mayflies.

Not kidding you.

There's not much right now that makes her happier than hunting down mayflies who have carelessly made their way into our home. Beautiful weather means I leave the doors and windows open during the day, but this is not an open invitation for mayflies...especially considering it is only March.

Arriving early to the party is just as rude as failing to RSVP! What is it with bugs who share a name with a month these days?

Mae usually has laser-like focus on whichever human is in the room with her. Right now, though, mayflies are a major distraction to her. Kind of like 7th graders are to the opposite gender. A major. distraction.

Whether gnawing on a bone or catching a few zzz's, as soon as she sets sight on a flying foe, she literally springs from her perch directly into the air, and right now, she's 12/12 on the mayfly annihilation scoreboard.

You go, girl.

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