Monday, March 16, 2015

Jay and I had a fun little date at the zoo today, and Cee headed to Nana-Papa Camp in Waco for a few days.

I am so sad that I didn't get to properly thank the 9 year old girl who captured the next three pictures because they are just amazing. Ready?




Sad Jay.

I call that series "Oblivious Parenting" because I didn't know what happened until the girl handed my phone back to me. Jay and I laughed so hard at her faces...priceless! Thank goodness it wasn't a rattlesnake...or a tiger...or a bear.

Here's one more cool pic - I call it "Player."

This guy put on a serious show for three of the ladies - very cool to watch how they interacted and responded. Flirting, governed by the laws of nature. Lots of tail-feather-shaking going on between four beautiful birds.

This was my first time to the Austin Zoo since Cee was two. All I remember from my first trip was an exhibit called "Canine Domesticus" and not being very impressed with rescue dogs as a legit exhibit.

Today's visit was the exact opposite of that, and the zoo was especially impressive from a community education stance. They really do a great job of providing awareness about how they acquired each animal, and most acquisitions are from people who got in over their heads with exotic animals as pets (for example, one of the Spider Monkeys was relinquished by a Dallas couple after they came home to find that he'd stuffed all their tea towels down the kitchen drain, turned the faucet on, and flooded their home).

Jay has decided that she would like to work there one day: half of her time would be spent playing with and feeding the animals, and the other half would be spent photographing the animals. She even asked if she could get two degrees instead of just one. ♥ 

If you're in the area, it's definitely worth the trip - we loved every bit of our day with the animals (well, every minute except for when the goat attacked...)!

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