Thursday, March 12, 2015

The girls are going to a wedding this weekend, so naturally they needed a new outfit for the rehearsal dinner. Cee told me she'd found the perfect top at Target, and Jay said she needed a white sweater.

Once we were inside, I made my usual left veer immediately after the dollar section, and out of nowhere, Cee nervously said, "Ummm, mom...I meant to tell you - the shirt I want isn't in the kids department..."

She proceeded to walk away from the direction I was heading and directly toward the Junior department.

I felt my pulse race. My face flushed. I thought I might faint.

I totally wasn't ready for this unexpected change.

My first time in the Junior department didn't last very long, and we quickly headed to the Children department - the place I have shopped for the last 12 years. My comfort zone. My saving grace.

Cee waited for me to regain my composure (it took awhile), and then she asked me if I was ready to try the Junior department again.

I told her I was.

On the way there, Jay reinforced to me that we were leaving the Children's section and going to the Junior area.

She promised me I could leave the area if it made me feel funny again.

Bless it. Bless it all.

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