Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Over the weekend, Cee asked me if she could redo our chalkboard, and I told her she absolutely could. She asked how she could find "good" quotes and chalkboard art examples. She wanted it to be meaningful. I figured we weren't quite ready for profound or poignant just yet, so I showed her how to do a Google search (with a smidge of Boolean) for "inspirational quotes" AND "chalk art," and then I turned her loose.

Are you ready for her fabulous creation? I love it. Such a little artist.

I initially decided to start our chalkboard door because, to be perfectly honest, mornings are not always the easiest in our house (even though we are all about our 8+ hours of sleep each night). We wake up on time. We lay our clothes out the night before, but there are some days we just wake up on the wrong side of the bed. Or change our minds about our outfit. Or realize our jeans have a hole in them. Or we need a certain t-shirt. Or our hair just will. not. cooperate. Or our sister has the pair of socks our heart is telling us to wear. You know, standard stuff.

I thought that it might make us all a little happier to see a door with a happy quote on it each day before we climbed into the car, so I created our first one sometime in the early fall...

For most days, it worked. It served its purpose to make us smile as we walked from our house to the car. Until Browning died. And then it actually made us sad every single time we saw it because (don't judge us) we used to sing that song to him.

In December, Cee asked if it was okay for her to redo it. Of course I said yes, and here was her first masterpiece - a perfect greeting for the new year. I am really bummed that my picture was blurry!!

And now I can't wait to see who asks to redo it next and what they choose for our morning message...as I've said hundreds or thousands of times, life is good. And I am blessed.

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