Monday, January 5, 2015

Jay gets full photo cred for today. She found my camera charger, and she spent most of the day taking pictures. There were a few old ones on the SD Card...going back to July.

These two are my favorites, and they totally capture how much she loves dogs.

I love her for this.

And I miss this guy every single day (July 2014).

This little lady is such a charmer, and the timing to get her in July couldn't have been more ideal, considering...who knew she'd be an only dog after four months?

That's all for today.

And way to go, little Jay, on the fantastic photo captures.


PS - I feel like I'd be a fraud if I didn't share this slide of her Prezi with you. FYI, Bethany Hamilton is 24 as of today, so I'm practically a relic.

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