Sunday, January 4, 2015

Tonight was interesting.

Okay, fine. Tonight was a smidge of  a calamity.

Tonight Jay and I went into a friend's house to pick up Cee, and we ended up laughing, chatting, and visiting for an hour (the kind of hour that feels like five minutes and you wish it could go on much longer). However, I had a pot of stew on the stove and I knew we absolutely needed to leave by 6:30.

And we did. When I turned the key to start my car, I realized that I'd left my lights on and you can probably imagine what happened next: click, click, click... click, click, click...

Dead battery.

Here was the problem: there were only 4 minutes left in the Cowboys-Lions game and I absolutely could not ask for help during the last minutes of Cowboy history. After feverishly flipping through my car manual (no help at all) and trying repeatedly to start my car, I conceded. I needed help.

Lucky for me, the game ended right before we knocked. Cowboys win! R was happy to help me jump start my car and told me I should probably drive around for awhile so my battery could regenerate or whatever it is that batteries do after their owners carelessly let them die.

After at least thirty thank yous, we were on our way home (to check on stew).

So here's the bad: if it won't start in the morning, my Monday is completely dependent upon this device, which I have no idea how to use...

Tomorrow will be a better day, and it's time to call it quits for today because...ugh. Just ugh. :)


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