26/365 - Minecraft

Monday, January 26, 2015

Cee: Mom, do you want to see my Minecraft house? It's really cool.

Me: Of course! Let's see it.

Cee: Okay, so this is the entry way...

Me: ...Wait, tell me about the art in the foyer.

Cee: Oh, that. It's Mary and...

Me: ...clearly Santa Claus.

Cee: Mom. That's a manger pig. Don't insult the manger pigs. Manger pigs witnessed stuff.

Me: Sorry.

Cee: Just let me give you the tour.

Me: Okay. What's next?

Cee: This is the hallway leading from the foyer...

Me: ...wait. What's the story with the art on that wall?

Cee: {sigh} Mom, keep up. That's Jesus. And the Karate Kid.  They're having a demonstration of "wax on, wax off," and they are also playing with fire.


I don't even know what happened, but I totally admire this brand of creative thinking.


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