25/365 - 3 Things

Sunday, January 25, 2015

1) I am SO glad my girls are home! They had so much fun at the deer lease, and I could listen to them tell their stories all day long. They are so proud and so detailed with their explanations.

2) I found the most delicious apples today. They're called Opal Sweets, and they are divine. I'm already dreading the arrival of March when they disappear. If you've never had one, you totally need to indulge. I have three left...is it bad that I'm hoping the girls don't notice? I promise I will go buy more tomorrow, but I just need that guarantee that I will be able to demolish one tomorrow.

3) Jay got her first deer! She patiently waited for "at least 30 minutes" for her 92 pound doe to stop and settle in for a delicious meal of corn and dirt. I couldn't be more proud!

Cee almost had her first, too, but she felt a little rushed: her doe was slowly moving, and the tracking just wasn't right.

My favorite parts of all of this are that a) they understand they were hunting for population control, b) they appreciated the young bucks and older bucks they saw and understood why they couldn't take them, c) they understand the responsibility behind each shot they took, and d) they know exactly what kind of meat they want from the processor. :)

And just a tiny bit of mama bragging: they said boys are always talking about how bad a BB gun kicks, and they said, "The .243 is nothing when it comes to kicking!"

That's all for now...


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