Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Today I found out I get to welcome our newest interns to our campus Thursday morning. As I constantly evaluate what things challenge me in life, I have decided presenting to new audiences is one of my favorite challenges. I have presented to teachers I don't know, to administrators I don't know, to teachers I've known for many years, and to complete strangers (Once. That was not my favorite. It was terrifying. Really, really terrifying.). But I have never presented to college students.

I haven't been an undergrad student in 20 years, and all I can really remember along the lines of "know your audience" is that I was usually sitting with one of my best friends in the last row with Diet Coke, a bag of Chex Mix, and a hangover from the night before.

I've been trying to stick to a black & white theme with my 365tolife project, but today's picture demands color, and Thursday can't get here fast enough!


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