Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Rewind to 1995 - I can't believe that I'm actually telling you that I regularly skipped my summer school classes - The History of Jazz (MUHL 3304)  & Western Civilization I (HIST 2311) for Session 1 and Logic (MATH 2310) & Western Civilization II (HIST 2312) for Session II - in order to keep nearly constant tabs on the ins and outs of the OJ Trial.

I was quite literally glued to the TV for most of the hours of the day and some of the hours of the night (you see, this was before I turned 21).

It was a pathetic thing to witness, I'm sure, but there is no way you could have convinced me to focus on anything else...20 years ago.

This was the summer preceding the fall when I took a 1-hour class called "Welcome to the World Wide Web" and was encouraged to communicate with people outside of Texas Tech using a foreign scripting language called Pine.

We were all completely mind-blown with this whole new virtual world that was presented to us, and I remember my goal was to get to the end of this virtual masterpiece.

20 years later, and I'm still trying to find the end.

And now I get to relive the intricacies of that trial thanks to digital TV, which will be recorded to my DVR and my iPad so that I can relive the entire experience again and again, for as long as my heart desires.

Nerdy nirvana.

And detailed replay.


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