I'm Not a Fan of Goodbyes - Not One Single Bit...(so there).

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

I definitely didn't think today would turn out like it did.

I am not a "back-in" kind of car parker, but today I backed into my spot at the vet's office because it would be easier for him to get out of my car that way, and it would be easier for him to climb back into to the car after his appointment that way.

Silly, silly assumptions that I've made in my life...

Browning and I  - we had a good run.

This is the face of the keeper of all my secrets. A guy who fought coyotes, sparred with a spike deer (or two) back in the day, took a direct hit from a porcupine (in the face!), retrieved multitudes of dove and even a few ducks, chased (and drooled on) tennis balls for hours on end, protected my babies from who knows what, and laid by my side through some of the tougher moments in my life. And he did it all with a wink, a smile, and a sloppy kiss.

Other things he did with a wink, a smile, and a sloppy kiss: took the first bite of giant birthday cakes where he wasn't an invited guest (a time or two), ate the nasty "leftovers" from a crawfish boil (a time or two), would shake, speak, and give high fives on command, thought food was the greatest invention in the whole entire world (yet managed to never eat any of our smaller pets, no matter how tempting they looked), and was always willing to help clean the floors after a big meal. Even though he never had an official middle name, it probably should have been Hoover.

I always imagined his thoughts happened in the voice of Morgan Freeman, so obviously he was extremely wise in addition to his other skill sets.

Tonight, my house is exceptionally quiet (too quiet), and I keep expecting to see Browning's sweet face at the back door (waiting to be let in for one last scoop of food) or see him trying to lug his big old self up onto the sofa right beside me (waiting for me to cover him up and pat him to sleep).

15 years and 4 days - that's a lot of time for my first fur kid (aka Fat Boy - his litter name) to have had in his lifetime, and I feel very blessed for all the lessons he taught me and all the comforting and hilarious memories he chose to leave behind with the girls and me...

...and I will miss him terribly. And I wish him...

...peace (and an infinite supply of tennis balls).

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Mrs.Campbell said...

:( I knew you would blog about this. I am sorry. I do love that pic of him on the couch.

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