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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Since I last posted, there have been a few things going on around my life that have kept me in a very reflective mode. A non-writing-so-I can-process-stuff mode.

I've processed.

And here we are.

The girls had an amazing time at their first week of girls' summer camp. It was just Parent Trap-y enough for them to enjoy it without the actual parent trap, Napa, London, butlers, or chefs. They are still entertaining me with their songs, and sometimes I catch myself singing them aloud even when the girls aren't here.

Kuma lada kuma lada kuma lada vista....

Oh - sorry. See?

I picked them up on a Friday, did a truck load of laundry, and immediately packed Cee for a week of soccer camp at Baylor in the dorms with one of her sweet (and completely hilarious) friends.

I have a confession. I'm officially giving in to the gold and green. After having both girls participate in Baylor camps for the past two summers, I'm sold. I absolutely love every single thing about their coaching philosophy.

I am a product, both as a student and teacher, of public schools, where it is imperative to maintain a separation between church and state. There have been times when I have, as a teacher, wondered if I'd crossed the proverbial line by saying something or making a connection to something that might have been deemed to be slightly beyond the basics of the secular world.

So here's what I love about Baylor. They can keep it real. They don't just promote success on the field or court; their bigger focus is about your life off of the field or court. They talk about loving yourself. They talk about taking care of yourself through nutrition, exercise, and respect. They talk about loving your community and doing things to repay your community. They talk about the value of an education and nurturing your mind. They talk about how you treat others, and they talk about the importance of a relationship with a higher power.

Yes, a higher power.

This Baptist school doesn't tell the kids who to look up to, they tell them to look up to a higher entity.

So because of all that, I caved.

I even bought a Baylor shirt, and it's possible that I have a Baylor wish list!!

Whew - there. I said it.

Eeny meeny decimeenyy oooowa oooowa....

In other news, the new pup is still doing great and we just love her to pieces. Browning loves her, too.

And now I feel like we're a little bit caught up.

I might write about the "processing" later, and then again I might not. We shall see.

Tomorrow is the unofficial beginning of the 2014-15 school year for me (Monday is my official first day), and I seriously cannot wait to get started. Lots to accomplish this year, and lots of new learning. Bring on the fun!!!

Oh, no no no, not the vista....


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