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Friday, May 23, 2014

I have somehow woven something amazing into my classroom in the last couple of weeks. For their research projects, my students are learning how to write children's books. Last week they read eleven children's books and analyzed the features as part of the data collection process.

Let me tell you - when I get a picture book out and tell them it's story time, they ask if they can sit on the carpet (it's invisible in middle school, but you wouldn't know it when you hear them ask...). Of course! I sit on "the carpet" with them, and they are instantly transformed from 6th graders into 2nd graders. I say silly things like "catch your bubble" and "settle on your pillow" and they know exactly what I mean. It's a little bit magical, and we have all had a great time with it.

So I was thinking - if they love story time so much, maybe I should play fair and read them some truly funny stories. Some David Sedaris, for example.

Two hours later on a fantastic Friday evening, I've spent some quality time re-reading a few of my favorite David Sedaris stories (none of which, unfortunately, are remotely close to being sixth-grade-friendly).

As much as I've laughed in the last two hours, I figured I should at the very least share some of my favorites with you.

Before you get to my most favorite, you really should read the prequel to it, D'accord (which, in French simply means "Sure, why not?").

My all time favorite is about David, his French dentist, socialized medicine, and the Good-Time Teeth.

Another of my favorites is about Hugh's mom, Joan, and her super-human elderly strength.

And finally, I hope you'll take the time to peruse a narrative about The Rooster.

Let me reiterate: none of these are even slightly appropriate for my twelve year olds, but all of them make me laugh until tears are slowly streaming down my face and I have to will myself to take a big breath in between my laughter. That's the best therapy (aside from wine) I could ask for after a week like the one my school had.

Laughter really is the best medicine!

Thanks for that, Monsieur Sedaris.


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