Fabulous Four!

Sunday, April 13, 2014

{Spoiler Alert: Proud mom, sister, daughter post...stop now if you aren't up for that!!}

The last four days were absolutely fabulous!

My amazing little(est) sister was in Austin for Arcade Fire on Thursday, and we met up for dinner and drinks. It was so fun to catch up, and the girls and I were in hog heaven!

I received a beautiful bouquet of wildflowers in the most perfect container from my little ladies, too.

Cee's DI team had a royal send-off for their State DI competition, and Jay was the very proud younger sister through it all!

The DI teams had a Pin Trade Mixer, and my sweet girl collected quite a few keepers.

Each one had a special meaning to her and/or reminded her of someone important to her. The pig one was for my dad (it says, "If it doesn't say you can't, then you can," and it couldn't be more perfect for him!).

The Flappy Birds one was for her other grandparents and pays homage to the fact that they don't play it 24/7.

The competition lasted all day on Saturday, and the kids were troopers. The day ended with an awards ceremony to a packed-house at the Travis County Expo Center.

There was no A/C, no booze, no back stage passes, and I don't really do well in large crowds. The excitement from about 900 very stoked kids kept me from being completely overwhelmed by the size of the crowd and lack of necessities. I had no idea what to expect from the evening other than chaos.

This is Texas - everything's bigger, including competition. I knew the kids had done a fabulous job, but I wasn't sure what to expect as far as how they stacked up against other teams from across the state. Somewhere in the midst of high-decibel screaming, flashing strobe lights, seizures, and heat stroke, a couple of my friends started talking about "globals," which is the next step of the process. But it's only for teams who qualify, they kept reinforcing (they're veteran DI moms, I'm a newbie).

Before I knew it, Cee's group - "Laugh Art Loud" - was up for awards. The awards started with an announcement of teams who earned a High Instant Challenge nod. I didn't even know that was a thing. But the next thing I knew, our school was being called to the stage to receive their medals.

My kid. On this stage, in front of that crowd comprised of people from all around the state, receiving her honors. I was beside myself. I was so glad they were recognized for their hard work.

You know, this really puts them in a good position to medal, my friend whisper-shouted at me. Where are globals again? I whisper-shouted back. Knoxville, she yelled. That can't be cheap, I shouted. It's not!! she yelled.

We'll cross that bridge when we get there, we shout-agreed at each other.

The next 2 hours really were a blur, and not because of the heat. Both Cee's team and my friend's daughter's team placed!!! 3rd for our team, 4th for hers. GLOBALS!!!!  We hoarsely shouted and high-fived and hugged and jumped up and down and cried and sniffed and sweated. GLOBALS!!!!!  We were absolutely those moms, but we were surrounded by other people just like us so it didn't even matter.

The kids were completely ecstatic, and they were on a ridiculous adrenaline high for 10 pm at night after a very long day. I will never get over what an amazing experience this was for all of the kids. Three of the global qualifiers also play soccer on Cee's team, and I feel so blessed and lucky to be surrounded by such an incredible group of ladies who are also my dear friends. We have a fun road ahead of us!

This little lady has racked up some hardware in the last couple of months!

And this little lady racked up some chocolate over the weekend. The one she has in this picture is chocolate with a cherry almond filling (be still my beating heart!!), and this is the first time I ever realized that there may actually be such a thing as too many manners (minus the fact that she doesn't have a plate underneath her food).

And after all of Saturday's excitement, the fun continued when we nearly "caught" a chocolate lab. Yes, another one. It was a stray, and it was so scared, but the girls were determined to have him as our own. I think if you looked up the definition of pining in the dictionary, this is what you'd see.

And as if the last four days weren't already filled with enough awesomeness, we got to spend three of those days with my dad!! I can't say enough how lucky I am to be his daughter and that the girls have him as their grandpa. We love our Papa Sam!!

I know this post seems like it's mostly about Cee, so you should know that my adorable nephews came to visit Jay in the midst of the craziness of the weekend. She loves those boys to pieces, and we all drove to Killeen today for soccer. Soccer? Please...there are schemes to be devised. They don't have time to stop to watch a game. But they did make time to check in on the score every 10 minutes or so. Then it was back to business and scheming as usual.

After a busy weekend, the 90 minute drive back home alone after a win was a very welcome rest for my weary mind.

The girls will be home in another 90 minutes, and I have just enough time to get started on my next class. Political Science and Constitutional Law were hands down my two most favorite classes in college (thanks to Whit and Dr. Emmert), so I am off-the-charts excited about this class!!!

Case studies! The Constitution! And Precedents, oh my!

Alright, I have managed to procrastinate more than I normally do. It's time to get this reading done and mark the last four days as "filled with some pretty phenomenal memories."

Lucky, lucky me!!!



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Where's the like button when I need it? So happy for your little family!

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Thanks, Katie. :)

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