Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Quote of the entire weekend, overheard at the soccer fields by a mom with relatively big hair for Austin (which wouldn't have even earned a second look in Dallas):

"Did y'all have trouble gettin' through 'Buddah'? We sure did. Apparently they're havin' some kind of wild animal festival {imagine flailing, blingy hands for emphasis}, and there were critters runnin' around all over the place when we were tryin' to get here!"

Dear Out-of-Town Visitor -
Ummm, first of all, it's pronounced /'bew duh/, and second of all, those are chihuahuas, not critters. That is all. -Me 

What a weekend! Every April, my sweet little town hosts an event called The Wiener Dog Races which is exactly as exotic and awesome as it sounds - long dogs with short legs being celebrated (ad nauseum), released from chutes, raced among the nation's finest, and awarded for their steadfast running skills...while Great Danes and Mastiffs turn up their grandiose noses and roll their eyes in sheer disgust at the lackluster excuses for bedtime snacks, as if to say, "Please try harder to adequately provide for us at next year's reaping, won't you, fine people?"

It's a county fair of sorts, and even the retired racers are still honored in grand style. This one, for example, made an appearance in a box with a legit turny thing and working pop-up lid. This was one of many, but I loved how pleased the dog and the owners were with this particular contraption.

It's kind of like the Mardis Gras of Buda (without beads), and it is, without a doubt, Jay's Super Bowl. Some of us like to people watch, some of us like to sports watch; Jay prefers to dog watch. She oooo's and awwwww's and begs for new puppies -- each year with a newly mustered zeal that completely overpowers that of the last.

A big event like this was also a great opportunity to fund raise for our amazing DI teams. They have been working so hard to earn money to go to Globals at the end of May. When your ex-husband's parents buy a lot smack dab in the middle of the Wiener Dog fun, what better thing to do than to plop a lemonade stand on it? That's exactly what we did, and even though, in true Texas fashion, the weather went from cool and misty to steamy hot, back to misty, and finally straight to broil (all in a matter of 36 hours), we persevered. We endured. We raised money. We made sure none of it...not even the $1's...were counterfeit.

These kids worked so hard! Their moms are some of my dearest friends, and I feel lucky that we are all in this together. The beauty of a small town is that everyone brings their kids and their kids' friends, and the kids want to help, and the kids are your neighbors and some of them are your previous neighbors (and how is Lauren already in 7th grade?), or they were in Mrs. So-and-So's class together last year, and it truly becomes everybody's goal to sell lemonade and all those delicious, buttery sweet treats that Roxie made.

And in the end, you remember exactly why you wanted to make sure to move away from Austin and into the small town life before your children started school because of all this. 

All of it. 

Small town charm is one of my most fond memories growing up, and I wanted this environment so badly for my girls. This weekend, I realized, for maybe the millionth time this year, that we are smack dab in the middle of every wonderful bit of it!!

As if all of this weren't enough to officially call a great weekend a great weekend, no Wiener Dog Weekend would be complete without a pot-bellied pig sighting, and no pot-bellied pig sighting would be an official one if I didn't invite it (and it's owner) into the lot that my ex-husband's parents bought for said ex to plop a BBQ stand up and sell sandwiches while his daughters sold cold glasses of sugary lemonade and oodles of Roxie's sweet treats.

Obviously there would only be one reason (and a very important reason at that) for me to inconvenience a man and his very tired pot-bellied pig (named Lulu) enough to come all the way into the lot for a simple photo opportunity, and obviously I am still giddy and thrilled with the sheer awesomeness of the final image.

Here it is, in all of its glory.

While the pig photo was hands-down the pinnacle of my weekend, there was also one other quote that almost topped the list, was beat out by the critter comment, and instead received the high nod of honorable mention.

"Honey, git in here. They've got beer! Let's stay for awhile, okay?" 
~Lulu's owner, to his wife (who proceeded to eat a pulled pork sandwich right in front of Lulu)

In case you're interested in supporting my daughter and her fabulous team, we have a Go Fund Me page that is helping us finance this trip!

Pigs, pork, and peace, y'all...

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