Burning Questions

Friday, April 18, 2014

Why is there a meal worm named Mae living in my house right now, and why did Cee tell me it's going to turn into a rather large green beetle and then explode and look like salsa?

Will that really happen?

Why does Browning still find new ways to break into his food supply?

And if he's smart enough to continually keep me on my toes in the dog-food-rationing department, why does he flip out when the bag of dog food gets stuck on his head?

What causes some people to have OCD? I don't have it, and it's difficult for me to understand. A little girl in my class told me yesterday, "Ms. Henry, my CDO is in overdrive right now." I said, "What is CDO?" She said, "Oh, most people call it OCD, but I like to keep things alphabetical." Love her for that.

Why is it that Lent gets the best of me every single year? Congrats to everyone (not me) who fulfilled their penance!

Why does Jay chronically quote "Elf," and will she ever stop doing that (I hope not)?

How have I never heard of Robert Sabuda until today? We are going to try our hand at his craft tomorrow.

Why am I just now learning about using plants as a natural insect repellent? Suddenly, I can't get enough marigold, geranium, catnip, rosemary, and citronella in my life. It feels so much better to send the girls outside surrounded by plants than covered in DEET.

And speaking of OCD, how does a non-OCD mom help her 100% OCD child? While we were shopping at Lowes for more insect repelling plants today, Jay thought aloud, "This place sure would be a lot easier to deal with if they would just put the stinking plants in alphabetical order!"

This makes so much sense. 

And speaking of alphabetical order, why is it that my garden is not in alphabetical order? Soon we'll have two varieties of squash, a pinot grigio plant, tons of tomatoes, and some strawberries. Some people have garden gnomes; we have a garden ugly doll (which Santa brought to Jay when she was one, Browning quickly took it over as his own, decided to abandon it, and now it's just a run-of-the-mill garden orphan...oh, the evolution of stuffed toys).

Did you know spring and fall are my two favorite seasons? I love, love, love being outside all day long without having to worry about much. A Good Friday, indeed.


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